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We are very grateful that our regular customers are coming back to the cafe. We also see quite a few new faces so we would like to intorduce ourselves and explain why is OM cafe different from other places.
We might not have a fancy menu ( first - because we are limited by the kitchen space, second - because there is basically just one person running the cafe) but we put lots of effort and heart in everything we do. This year has been very challenging, with all the stress after taking over the cafe to start with and pandemic situation to finish. Before lockdown we started getting busy. We had so many plans and new ideas, but as you all know, the world has stopped , so did we. Now we are back but some of the ideas will have to wait to be completed.
As mentioned before, our menu is very simple and we are aware it's not for everyone. We will stick to it as we know it's impossible to please everyone, and maybe explore some different possibilities in the near future. All we want to do is serve healthy and nutritional food. Soon, we will be bringing some super healthy stuff for you as well, like homemade ferments!
All our lunches are vegan. Cakes and desserts are mixture of vegan and healthy with some not very healthy but definitely tasty ones.
Our cafe is a small, cozy place. Sometimes is very quiet but it can get very busy. When that happens, we ask you to be patient after placing your order As mentioned earlier, usually there is only one person taking orders, making coffee and preparing/serving food. Believe me, I'm trying my best!
It might happen sometimes that the cafe will be closed for a few days. We always try to give you a notice, but life is full of surprises and because we are not ready to hire someone at OM, we don't have a choice but to close sometimes.
We've heard our coffee is the best coffee in town. Well, we are not going to argue with that. We serve speciality coffee delivered by our guys from @Rinaldo’s . It's great coffee that doesn't need any additions like sugar or syrups to taste amazing (apart from the milk obviously). It looks like our fanciest cup of coffee will be mocha
Our family is so lucky to have this place. We already have so many amazing memories related to the cafe. We have met lots of great people, we became friends with some of them and we know most of the by their name. And we want to meet more ! So if all that written above doesn't put you off, join us for a cup of coffee.
Monika and family


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Tuesday - Friday: 9:00 am - 4:00 pm
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